Purpose Driven Careers
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Seven Seas Technologies Group (SST) is for innovators and amazing ideas where we believe in cutting-edge integrated solutions spanning IT, healthcare, social services and homeland security. We live and move in a super charged environment, where everything and everyone truly comes to life. We are results oriented and deadline driven. We celebrate our successes and correct for sidetracks. We celebrate people who excel in a constant change and high-pressure environment and we offer an exciting space where people think on their feet. We create value and manage risk with every decision we make. We look for people who challenge orthodoxies and who when others are deliberating why it cannot be done, they say, why not? And why not now? Let’s do it!

SST can accelerate your career growth as we expose you in just three years to what you would typically learn in ten years in a traditional organization. If you are ambitious, desire autonomy in your work and aspire to perform value-add visible work, then SST is the place to be.

We are enthusiastic and passionate about good performers, greatly value our customers and deliver our products and services with excellence, while Transforming Lives and Changing Communities – the SST brand promise.

Would you like to be part of this transformative brand? Feel free to apply below.